Who Am I?

I am an adventurous and fun loving photographer who loves capturing those unforgettable scenes in time whether it is that candid moment of a mother glancing at her newborn baby or a serene sunset on the coast. I currently reside in southeast Connecticut in New London and provide various types of photographic services primarily focusing on portraits and weddings but can do any type of photography to fit your needs.

I love taking portraits because it allows me to connect with people of all ages and backgrounds and to provide them with a lasting memory. One of my biggest strengths is to get nervous subjects to relax in front of my camera. I have a knack for making people smile.

I have many years of photographic experience and I have worked for various studios over the years but now it is time that I work for myself. I have a BA in photojournalism and my work definitely takes on that style.  I also have a fascination with light and depth and my photography usually reflects this as well. I love capturing the candid moments between family as well as traditionally posed photographs.

I also sell fine art prints and participate in gallery shows here and there throughout New London county.